Living as Name Reader

I love this name reading concept so much I decided to simply become “Name Reader” – all of my comments, all of my advice will all come from “Name Reader.” Now in real life? I am not Name Reader, I am someone else… but I shall let the mystery remain. I mean, why not? If you read the “Name Reader Book” you’ll come to realize that I can only be one of two possibilities.

Anyway, this philosophy that we are influenced by our names is not a bad philosophy to use. In fact, I use it often to help shape my days and discover why I have such a difficult time with certain things. Inevitably, I look at my name and see the various connections at play.

And although Name Reading is all done for entertainment purposes, and it truly is entertaining, it’s a wonderful way to learn about yourself.  Each letter comes with a series of influences. So even though you may have two people with the same name, they are often times quite different.

But each person will feel the pull of certain influences.  How they respond to them will determine the person that is influenced.

I’ll be doing both celebrity Name Readings and Reader Name Readings to show just how true this is.  If you are interested in having a brief Name Reading done by yours truly, then shoot me an email:

Otherwise, enjoy the blog!


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