Arnold Schwarzenegger

I chose this dude as my first celebrity read, cuz he really is all over the place right now. Cheating on his wife for heaven’s sakes! And then bragging about it in a new book? All right, I haven’t read the book, just articles on the book and it SEEMS like he’s bragging.  He’s allowing the R in his name to influence him to be like this. One of the things R is all about is rehashing and repeating. Such an influence comes out in many ways. In Arnold’s case he seems to be beating a dead horse by continually bringing up his affair, oh excuse me, affairs, perhaps trying to normalize it?

He is likely the kind of person that can’t let something go. He has to just keep chewing on it, or picking at it.  Taking responsibility may not come easy to him, and when he does, I am sure he has lots of reasons to assure everyone why he isn’t “that” bad. And I am sure he isn’t. He certainly isn’t the first person to cheat on their spouse. However, he was a prominent political figure which makes his slip up all the more juicy.

The other letter that clouds his judgment is the L. The L can be many wonderful things, it can also be a temptation to accomodate the lower aspects of your personality. L is primarily about love, but how people go about showing that love is how L’s influence can really shape a person.

Arnold is probably the kind of person, especially now in his situation, that will tend to look at “how” something is said, rather than what is actually said. He may snipe that someone was rude and therefore encourage himself to not listen. If Maria were to shout at him, even if her shouting was full of truths, he would tune it all out simply because he doesn’t like the delivery.

Add to that the pressure D can place on a person and this man is probably ready to blow. He’s like a dog trapped in a corner and you may start to see him biting the hand that once fed him. He’s not going to be able to think clearly with all of this hub bub around him.  If he can grab a hold of the A in his name, he may be able to set himself anew. But that really depends on whether he can let all of this go, and forgive himself his own trasngressions.


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