Character Inspiration

Some of my favourite people in the world are writers. Their love for the written language and their ability to express themselves through first or third person characterization never fails to amaze me.

I also believe that the Name Reading concept is something that authors around the world could benefit from. I would imagine no one understands how things can influence a story quite like an author can.  Especially when it comes to crafting a character from scratch. The Name Reader book offers a benefit to writers and helps them create realistic traits within their characters through discovering the influences in their names.

There is also the option of sending along a character name to me to be blogged about here on the site. Give your readers something to chew on and think about; regarding the characters you have crafted.

You know where to find me if such a thing interests you.

And not being much of a writer myself, I think I shall simply end the blog here and leave the writing to the professionals.


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