Being a Name Reader

Being a name reader is a lot like being a doctor, or psychiatrist or lawyer.  As soon as someone realizes what you do it’s all “I wanna know what my name means!” It’s a curious thing.  At first I loved it, you know? I was all tough and reading peoples names and they were all “Whooooa awesome! that’s exactly like me!” But now? Sometimes I’d like to talk about ANYTHING else. The weather, what’s new at the movies, heck I’d even talk about politics. Especially American politics, what a circus that is.

But anyway, the blessing of being a name reader is you know people before you really get to know them and the curse is you have to read every person’s name you have ever met EVER.  Makes it a little harder to make money doing it that way, but at the same time it’s great promotion.

A Name Reader is always the hit of the party. And yes, there are a few of us. Name Reading is as new vocation just waiting to burst forth and make people’s lives better.  The exciting thing about what I do is how good I get to make people feel about themselves through their names.  Most people don’t realize all of their strengths and often focus mainly on their flaws. Name Reading is all about reminding people that even their flaws can offer strength.

Ahhh, I guess when I step back I do have a pretty good job. And if giving it away can place a smile on a world weary face, I suppose I am better for that too.

Thanks for reading this very brief post. Remember, all of your strengths, your flaws, your name – they are all sacred.


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