Taylor Swift

Here is a lady that is chronically in the news and no doubt it’s because she lives her name to the fullest. You see, Taylor understands that in order to make headway in this life you need to give a little something to the people, but never do it without getting a little something in return. She understands how to be selfish, but not actually selfish.  She also understands all about balance. Whether it’s from writing a song, doing a concert or meeting a fan, she understands that in order for her to achieve, she must be available.  Not easy to do in a world full of nasties.

She handles her hecklers like a pro, with a strong and firm response.  She waves off the destructive comments as though they don’t matter. And they most certainly don’t.  The A in her name is taking her to extraordinary heights. The drive to excel and achieve is strong within this one, mhmm yes.

And she’s constantly faced with decisions, decisions, decisions.  But she makes them all with the same definition she uses when dealing with her hecklers. Strong and firm. The girl knows what she wants.

And of course she’s a huge romantic. The L tugs at her which is why she dates and dates and dates. And nothing wrong with that, the T in her name is looking for something and she can’t just settle on any old thing. She needs to taste, try and touch everything. She’s always been like that and she always will.

But she is easily knocked down by natural things. For example the beauty of a rolling country side or a deep blue lake can bring tears to the girl’s eyes. The changing of the seasons can often leave her with a heart ache, as she watches time pass. For she knows when time passes, things change.  And if there is one thing Taylor understands is that everything changes, for better or for worse. There is no changing the ever constant presence of change.

And in the end she wraps all of who she is up in her music. Rehashing and remembering the past, digging into her soul to produce her art.  People complain that she writes about her break ups. Meh… so what? What do you do when you break up with someone? Do you let them go or do you pour your heart out? I know that’s what I do. I don’t have the gift to write music, but I do dwell on break ups as anyone would.  It’s her very human nature that appeals to so many. Especially the young girls of the world. Who doesn’t need a person in their corner singing at the top of their lungs all of the things they are feeling?

So, that’s Taylor 🙂



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