Character Inspiration

Some of my favourite people in the world are writers. Their love for the written language and their ability to express themselves through first or third person characterization never fails to amaze me.

I also believe that the Name Reading concept is something that authors around the world could benefit from. I would imagine no one understands how things can influence a story quite like an author can.  Especially when it comes to crafting a character from scratch. The Name Reader book offers a benefit to writers and helps them create realistic traits within their characters through discovering the influences in their names.

There is also the option of sending along a character name to me to be blogged about here on the site. Give your readers something to chew on and think about; regarding the characters you have crafted.

You know where to find me if such a thing interests you.

And not being much of a writer myself, I think I shall simply end the blog here and leave the writing to the professionals.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Here’s a man that exudes every aspect of the influences in his name.  The difference between reading a celebrity versus reading a complete stranger is I obviously have a lot more to go on when dealing with a celebrity. Not that I know tons and tons about Leonardo here, but finding stuff out won’t really be that difficult.

But I am not interested in how many 23 year old models he’s dated, or what movies he’d done, or whether or not he was kicked out of Romper Room. Those things are paltry in comparison to what I can find out through his name. I can find out the “why” to all of those previous statements. It seems he is primarily addressed as “Leo” and it does rather seem to some him up.

The L: Influenced to love and be loving, influenced to see the lower aspect of things, influenced by human conditions. These are the embodiments of the L influences.  Leo’s love for all things environmental is certainly one way the L presents itself in him. He seems very dedicated to making the non-animate world a better place. He is also probably influenced to take care of close personal friends and family members as well. He certainly loves his super models, but then again, who wouldn’t if you were a 38 year old man creeping slowly out of his prime? It’s that L again, as he tries to face the reality of age. He is certainly looking to retain his youth. I suppose we all do, but Leo seems to take it to a different level. I would imagine the young innocence of a fragile female is far more compelling to him than dealing with a female that is of his own age. One that has been around the block and would probably poke him non-stop to settle down.  So long as he is happy with the string of females he has had, there really is no need to judge him. Perhaps it does keep him young?

Now the E, this is where Leo can start to become a spectacular human. The E loves all things feminine, engages in refined thinking and often makes one very agreeable. Leo has obviously learned when to say yes to things, or he would not be where he is today. We have already regarded how he feels about femininity it shows up in his dating habits. So that leaves us with refined thinking. And this is where I believe the world doesn’t understand Leo. You see, to him, all of his decisions make perfect sense. He strives to be logical, without being boring. He undertands that there is far more to this life than simply plodding through a 9-5 job to buy a house with a white picket fence. He knows that there is a deeper meaning hidden behind all of this reality, what it is? He has no idea. I am sure he has spent many hours pondering the futility of life as often as he’s pondered the wonder. But one thing no one can deny is he is trying to make the most out of his time here, so in that case he is using E’s influence as it was intended.

Next and last, is the O: Influenced by nature, weather and seasons, empowered by the drive to provide and maintain, he is heavily affected by cycles of change. There is no doubt in my mind that he spends time hiking and enjoying the changing of the seasons when he can. Although he seems to spend most of his time in LA, he would have a great appreciation for autumn and winter for he does not get an opportunity to be a part of those seasons often. He may not realize it, but he would probably be happier in a country where the climate cycled through all four seasons.  The desire to provide and maintain shows up in both his ambition to create a greener earth and his dating habits. He seems to be eager to be in control of taking care of things. No doubt because he is very good at it.  I don’t believe he has ever directed a movie or documentary, (although I do believe he has produced a few) I feel confident that is one of his next goals. He is probably just biding his time until he feels he has reached a point where directing is the next logical step in his progression.  As he is influenced by cycles of change, he himself is always creating new environments for himself. Unable to sit still through any one particular committment. He no doubt has projects lined up for the next ten years and even then, he feels he is not doing enough. Leo requires constant change to feel as though he is progressing.

No matter who you are, your name will influence you. Being aware that it does, and how it can, will help you immensely in growing into the person you want to be.

A Rose by Any Other Name…

… would indeed smell as sweet. But, what if you were named something other than you are? Would you still be the person you are today? I don’t think you would. In fact my whole theory is based on that assumption.

There are influences in everyone’s life, and most people can admit that their name has influenced them to some degree.  Especially when their mother yells it when they are in trouble, or that disapproving tone from their father or that irritating whine from a sibling.  How a name is said to will often influence who you become. I have heard a lot of people say “When my mother says my full name, I know I am in trouble.”

So what does it mean to be influenced by the sound of your name? It means only that if you are aware that you are influenced you can pay attention and shape how it shapes you, rather than be programmed in ignorance.  It’s important to understand that pretty much everything in your life is going to influence you one way or the other. Being aware is just better, in my opinion anyway.

I am the kind of person that recoils at the thought of being programmed. It offends the very nature of my being. I choose who I am, dammit, no one chooses for me.

All right, I say that but I know for a fact I have been programmed by others. It’s not always a bad thing, I suppose, but I still prefer to have some kind of say in who I become.

It’s why I decided to become involved in Name Reading, I am not the only Name Reader in the world, we have quite a few Readers. All of us Readers are also seekers, looking for more than what life has to offer. There is something satisfying about hearing a name, running the letters through your head, and becoming aware of who they are. It is empowering to say the least.

If you tell me your name, I may not know everything about you, but I can figure out how the influences at play in each letter have helped shape who you are. Name Reading coupled with something called “Kinetics” (understanding body language) can offer you an amazing opportunity to do due diligence on people you can’t really get close to.

My life as a Name Reader has brought to me inspiration, insight and all kinds of wonderful things. I am excited to share it with all of you.

Living as Name Reader

I love this name reading concept so much I decided to simply become “Name Reader” – all of my comments, all of my advice will all come from “Name Reader.” Now in real life? I am not Name Reader, I am someone else… but I shall let the mystery remain. I mean, why not? If you read the “Name Reader Book” you’ll come to realize that I can only be one of two possibilities.

Anyway, this philosophy that we are influenced by our names is not a bad philosophy to use. In fact, I use it often to help shape my days and discover why I have such a difficult time with certain things. Inevitably, I look at my name and see the various connections at play.

And although Name Reading is all done for entertainment purposes, and it truly is entertaining, it’s a wonderful way to learn about yourself.  Each letter comes with a series of influences. So even though you may have two people with the same name, they are often times quite different.

But each person will feel the pull of certain influences.  How they respond to them will determine the person that is influenced.

I’ll be doing both celebrity Name Readings and Reader Name Readings to show just how true this is.  If you are interested in having a brief Name Reading done by yours truly, then shoot me an email:

Otherwise, enjoy the blog!